Guide to interpreting mold test results

A Guide to Interpreting Mold Test Results

By Victor Coppola / April 22, 2022

Indoor mold is incredibly common. In fact, mold can be found in about 70% of homes in the United States. Although many molds are harmless, some types can pose serious health risks – especially in large quantities.  That’s why it’s important to get your home professionally tested for mold if you suspect you have an issue. Professional […]

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How to get rid of mold in your home

How to Get Rid of Mold in Your Home and Why Is It Important?

By Victor Coppola / March 1, 2022

Mold is a natural part of our environment and can be found everywhere. Several varieties of tiny mold spores are floating around us at this moment. And though we can clean our homes every day, one open window or trip outside will invite mold right back in. However, without a suitable environment for growth, mold […]

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How long does mold remediation take

How Long Does Mold Remediation Take?

By Victor Coppola / December 14, 2021

Even a small patch of mold in your home can quickly become a huge issue. Mold spores can start to form in just one to two days in the right conditions, and if left alone, the spores will soon spread onto any surface they can grow on. If you’ve found a large amount of mold […]

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Side view of a woman looking at mold in her kitchen

Mold Remediation Guidelines: Expectations & Standards

By Victor Coppola / December 10, 2021

If you have even a small amount of mold growing in your home or business, you need to act quickly to have it taken care of. There are two approaches to taking care of a mold issue: removal and remediation. The difference here is that mold remediation is far more comprehensive and addresses the root […]

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Mold management tips for tenants and landlords

Mold Management Tips for Tenants and Landlords

By Victor Coppola / December 10, 2021

If you have mold in your apartment or rental property, the first logical step to take is to notify your landlord. While there is no federal legislation holding landlords responsible for mold, every state has specific laws outlining the legal responsibilities for both parties. And the truth of the matter is that both the tenant […]

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How to test for mold

How to Test for Mold: Different Types of Samples

By Victor Coppola / December 3, 2021

It’s no secret that mold can be an extremely frustrating issue to deal with. In small amounts, mold can be unsightly and unpleasant. But large patches or toxic species can have devastating repercussions. Not only can be it destroy your property, but long-term exposure to toxic mold is also extremely damaging to your health. Now, […]

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