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Victor Coppola

Victor Coppola is a Building Biologist with decades of diverse environmental experience spanning natural resource management and contaminated sites to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and building hygiene matters. He focuses on the three most prevalent issues degrading today's built environment: Moisture Odor & Mold (M.O.M.). Mr. Coppola and his Team are sought out by individuals and professionals concerned about IAQ to those actually suffering from Biotoxin Illness. His hybrid blend of environmental interests and services enable him to give a unique perspective into today's changing environment.
Think your home is killing you, better call Victor and his Team at GreenWorks.

buying a house with mold

Buying a House with Mold: What Are the Implications?

By Victor Coppola / July 9, 2021

Searching for a new home is quite a process. It can be extremely difficult to find one in the right area with a design you like – and, of course, one that fits into your budget. But what should you do if the perfect house you find has mold in it? Is buying a house […]

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Highly Recommend Working with GreenWorks!

By Victor Coppola / July 9, 2021

Gina Salmins Columbus NJ Highly recommend working with GreenWorks! They are definitely worth the price if you want to feel confident the job was done right the first time. I had them do remediation work when we were living in a rental and found out I was getting sick from high levels of mold. Katie […]

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what does black mold smell like

What Does Black Mold Smell Like in a Home?

By Victor Coppola / June 30, 2021

Before I begin speaking on the dangers of black mold in a home, let me first introduce myself. My name is Victor Coppola- I am a building biologist at GreenWorks with decades of indoor mold and air-quality testing experience. I have come across countless homes that contain different types of molds throughout my career. But […]

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greenworks nds certified professional Drainage contractor

NDS Certified Professional Drainage Contractor (PDC)

By Victor Coppola / June 23, 2021

GreenWorks recently received Certified Professional Drainage Contractor (PDC) status from NDS. GreenWorks is a leader in Building Biology, where the Moisture issues that plague so many homes often start in your yard and degrades Air Quality inside your home. Got That Squishy Yard Being a Certified NDS Drainage Contractor arms us with the knowledge to […]

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Stand Alone & Inline Air Purification Systems (APS)

Stand Alone & Inline Air Purification Systems:
Whole House Air Purifiers

By Victor Coppola / June 22, 2021

Many factors go into choosing an air purifier: area to be treated, pet loads, content & dust burdens, sensitivities, etc. There are basically 2-types of air purification systems available that address particulates and/or chemicals: Inline APS An HVAC system with a filter medium at the return plenum or home’s returns. Advantages Choice/Cost – Standard on […]

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warm fuzzies june

Highly Recommended Mold Professionals

By Victor Coppola / June 21, 2021

Bill Carter Columbus NJ I am extremely pleased with the service I received from Katie, Evan, and Tim and will recommend your company to everyone I know if they need any of the services you provide.  Katie was very pleasant, professional, and thorough. Additionally, she was extremely accommodating when it came to scheduling the service.  […]

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