Victor Coppola

Victor Coppola is a Building Biologist with decades of diverse environmental experience spanning natural resource management and contaminated sites to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and building hygiene matters. He focuses on the three most prevalent issues degrading today's built environment: Moisture Odor & Mold (M.O.M.). Mr. Coppola and his Team are sought out by individuals and professionals concerned about IAQ to those actually suffering from Biotoxin Illness. His hybrid blend of environmental interests and services enable him to give a unique perspective into today's changing environment.
Think your home is killing you, better call Victor and his Team at GreenWorks.

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Very Thorough and Comprehensive Mold Analysis

By Victor Coppola / September 12, 2022

Ruben Hernandez GreenWorks Environmental performed a very thorough and comprehensive mold analysis of an entire single-family residence. The staff at GreenWorks were courteous and professional, and their report on the […]

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Mold in your apartment redfin blog

Mold in Your Apartment? Here’s What to Do

By Victor Coppola / August 3, 2022

For most people, a few mold spores won’t pose a health risk. But, given a chance to grow, mold can quickly threaten the health of a home and the people living there.

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Woman preparing for blood testing

Mycotoxins – Urine & Blood Testing

By Victor Coppola / June 29, 2022

While many people can feel ill when exposed to molds (sinus issues, congestion, respiratory, sore throat, etc.), for some, the issue is much more severe. For folks with mold sensitivities […]

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Knowledgeable, Professional, and Really Care About the Health of Your Home

By Victor Coppola / June 6, 2022

Mike Rusinak Victor and the entire team at GreenWorks Environmental are top-notch! They are knowledgeable, professional, and fair and really care about the health of your home—from air quality testing […]

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Perfect Combination of Knowledgeable, Professional, and Personable

By Victor Coppola / May 3, 2022

Thomas Pryor Katie M was a joy to work with – the perfect combination of knowledgeable, professional and personable. She inspected and developed an action plan, implemented by Jim, Brendan, […]

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Guide to interpreting mold test results

A Guide to Interpreting Mold Test Results

By Victor Coppola / April 22, 2022

Indoor mold is incredibly common. In fact, mold can be found in about 70% of homes in the United States. Although many molds are harmless, some types can pose serious health risks […]

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