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Black Mold Smell In Your Home

The Dangers Lurking Behind Black Mold Smell
Many times I have visited other people’s homes and caught the scent of a musty/old smell that hints of a black mold infestation. Oftentimes, I tell the home owners of this black mold smell and they would just tell me that “It’s alright. It has been there for some time and we are OK with it.”

Not to burst their bubble but black mold smell in Santa Cruz is a tell-tale sign of an unhealthy place to live. Don’t get me wrong, there might be people out there who like waking up with the smell of black mold in the morning but that sure is not healthy.

Black Mold Smell is a Sign of Danger Waiting to Happen

I admit; the idea of black mold really makes me cringe. That would definitely be something I wouldn’t want to have in my home. First and foremost, having any form of mold infestation is already dangerous because it can affect individuals who have allergies. If everyday mold is your concern, then you should really keep an eye out for black or toxic mold.

But let’s bust some myths regarding black or toxic mold. First, the idea of “black” mold can be misleading. Black mold isn’t exactly black but can range from greenish-black to oily-black in color. Also, most toxic molds aren’t really toxic but are toxigenic. When you say toxigenic, it means that although the molds aren’t toxic, they can produce toxins (often called mycotoxins). The problem arises when these mycotoxins attach to the spores that the molds release. The spores aren’t released all the time but a slight vibration caused by a door opening or some hammer work done can cause the mold colony to be disturbed, and a cloud of almost-invisible spores gets released.


So How Can You Tell if You Have Black Mold in Your Home?

Well, simple. Just follow your nose. If you somehow smell a musty, earthy smell which seems to be out of place, then that might be a sign that a mold colony is nearby. Some experts say that the smell is close to that of dirt and rotting leaves. They can usually be found on wetter areas in the house as they like to settle on water-saturated cellulose-based materials in the house like cotton, lumber, cardboard, or gypsum board.

Is Your House A Victim of Black Mold?

Houses that have been flooded or have poor roofing are really prone to black mold especially when the house issues aren’t attended immediately. So if your house has a history of flooding, then contact an expert to have it checked right away. Personally, I believe everybody should have their homes checked at least once a year for black mold. Don’t wait until you can already detect the black mold smell before you make a move. The health of everybody in your house depends on it. You wouldn’t want to face health issues due to a very small mold colony. So contact your friendly professional environmental services company today to have the house checked and gain back your peace of mind.

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    The mycotoxins produced by toxic black mold are neurotoxic. This means they kill neurons in the brain, which impairs a person’s mental ability significantly. These mycotoxins also cause nervous disorders, such as tremors, personality changes, mood swings and irritability.

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