GreenWorks Prepares Decontamination Technology to Inhibit Further Contamination

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Greenworks prepares decontamination technology


Wall Township, NJ –  As the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise into the thousands and the death toll reaches the hundreds, Americans are working to prevent contamination as effectively as they can. One way they can avoid the virus from contaminating their home is through Steramist; a spray made with unique sterilization technology, created by TOMI Environmental Solutions and offered as a service by GreenWorks Environmental.

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Commonly referred to as the coronavirus, the coronavirus-Wuhan (2019-nCoV) is a large family of respiratory viruses that tends to infect bats. Bats may transfer this to other animals, and it can spread from animals to humans through a shared environment. The number of confirmed cases on U.S. soil has risen, and Americans everywhere are taking extra precautions to stay safe. 

The virus has demonstrated an ability to mutate into a form that is easily transferable to humans from animals. From there, person-to-person transmission can spread the virus even further. Chinese officials have said that coronavirus patients initially contracted it through eating infected animal meat, which they likely bought from wet markets. Once a person has contracted the mutated form of the virus, however, it can continue to transmit to other humans.

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Coronavirus shares a similarity to Influenza A in that it is an enveloped virus. Because of the organism’s structure, Steramist’s efficacy against enveloped viral threats can work to prevent the spreading of Influenza and other enveloped viruses. Steramist, produced by TOMI, is EPA-approved (EPA #90150-2) to respond to pathogens such as SARS, MERS and inhibits further contamination. Users can spray it inside of residences and other buildings to decontaminate the space and help inhibit the spreading of this pathogen. 

The CDC says the best prevention of coronavirus comes from washing hands, avoiding direct contact with mouths, eyes, noses, and mouths; and staying away from those who are sick. Further protection through masks or goggles may also assist in preventing infection when people use the tools consistently and properly. 

Besides the above recommendations, using the EPA-approved Steramist within a living or working space can help prevent the risk of contamination and work to control the pandemic risk. Local Building Biologists at GreenWorks are offering this service to New Jersey residents who are looking to stay healthy and prevent an outbreak. They suggest that with a spray of Steramist, powered by binary ionization technology and created by TOMI, further contamination can be inhibited.

New Jersey residents interested in Steramist spraying services can call GreenWorks Environmental for more information or schedule their SteraMist treatment.

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