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Preventing efflorencence

What Is Efflorescence and How to Prevent It

By Victor Coppola / June 7, 2015

Many New Jersey homeowners are familiar with efflorescence as a white, powdery substance that finds the ideal “growing conditions” in crawl space. Efflorescence, however, can appear on any concrete, stone, […]

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Remediation specialists nj

Dealing With Yard Drainage And Water Intrusion Issues

By Victor Coppola / July 2, 2014

After a wet New Jersey spring, it may be time to check on your yard drainage system for issues that need to be addressed. Ensuring a problem-free drainage system will […]

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Yard drainage - wall township, nj

Solar is Easy! When Are You Going Solar?

By Victor Coppola / October 7, 2013

Going solar has been a topic of our family discussions since 2003. What a great idea, going solar for your home. All that clean energy and saving the environment coupled with free electricity. But […]

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Home inspection

5 Home Inspection Tips for a Safe Environment

By Victor Coppola / August 7, 2013

Being a new home buyer is an exciting time and a big life change. People put so much time, effort and money into acquiring a new home, but sometimes get […]

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5 home enviro hazards realtors should know - greenworks environmental llc allenwood, nj

5 Home Enviro Hazards Realtors Should Know

By Victor Coppola / August 1, 2013

As a realtor, it was imperative that you are aware of any issues a house may have before you show it. The best way to detect potential problems in a home […]

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Flood safety tips - greenworks environmental llc

Top 10.5 Post Flood Safety Tips – GreenWorks

By Victor Coppola / November 8, 2012

Mother nature has put us through some difficult challenges lately. The flooding and resulting water drainage challenges are at the forefront of everybody’s mind. Here are some flood safety tips […]

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