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Mother nature has put us through some difficult challenges lately. The flooding and resulting water drainage challenges are at the forefront of everybody’s mind.Flood-safety-tips

Here are some flood safety tips that may help protect you and get you through some issues you will most likely face from these storms.

  1. Timing – You have 48 hours to dry out your home before mold will start to become a problem. Don’t knee-jerk react, create a plan.
  2. Dangerous Waters – Flood waters contain all sorts of enviro-nasties from raw sewage and fuel oils to chemicals and debris. Safety First.
  3. Personal Protection – simple protective rubber gloves, boots, coveralls with an appropriate respirator work very well to protect yourself.
  4. Cleanliness – Wash your hands and face thoroughly (and often) with clean water and when working with flood debris to prevent illness.
  5. Simple Sanitizer – Mixing one cup of bleach with one gallon of water makes an effective sanitizer and mold killer for quick / short term use in well ventilated areas.
  6. Cleaner Safety – never mix cleaning agents. In particular bleach with ammonia for it can cause dangerous gases to be produced.
  7. Exhaustion – Over exertion (physical & mental) is common. Watch for the signs and pace yourself.
  8. Older Homes – Much of our older home stock is riddled with hidden enviro issues like asbestos, lead paint, oil tanks, old wiring that complicate cleanup and restoration. Be mindful of hidden dangers.
  9. Hot Spots – Permeable materials (like sheet rock & insulation) coupled with low / flooded areas (like basements & crawl spaces) will absorb / collect flood waters like a sponge & concentrate enviro-nasties. Be sure these materials are demolished / removed and the areas are sanitized as part of your cleanup plan.
  10. Contractors – Ask for references, copies of insurance certificates and business licenses. Don’t fall prey to shifty contractors.

10.5 Call GreenWorks – When in Doubt, Take it Out! Or call a local expert for assistance.




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Victor Coppola is a Building Biologist with decades of diverse environmental experience spanning natural resource management and contaminated sites to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and building hygiene matters. He focuses on the three most prevalent issues degrading today's built environment: Moisture Odor & Mold (M.O.M.). Mr. Coppola and his Team are sought out by individuals and professionals concerned about IAQ to those actually suffering from Biotoxin Illness. His hybrid blend of environmental interests and services enable him to give a unique perspective into today's changing environment. Think your home is killing you, better call Victor and his Team at GreenWorks.
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