Dealing With Yard Drainage And Water Intrusion Issues

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After a wet New Jersey spring, it may be time to check on your yard drainage system for issues that need to be addressed. Ensuring a problem-free drainage system will help deter flooding and water intrusion that can damage your home. Heavy rains can cause damage to homes due to failing gutters and surface flooding from uncontrolled sheet flow. The best approach to keep water away from your home is having a well-thought-out and executed Water Management Strategy (WMS).


Before addressing yard drainage issues, we must first identify causes. Heavy rains are often the source of water, but yard drainage issues are often the result of faulty gutters, landscaping, a failing drainage system or other unseen issues like soil types and groundwater.

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When it comes to water management, the real solution lies in first addressing the source of water intrusion and excess moisture. Then you can develop a corrective strategy. Here are some common problems often encountered by homeowners:

  • Clogged, misdirected, failing or missing gutter leaders
  • Grading problems and improper landscape drainage
  • Clogged or collapsed drainage pipes and yard drains
  • Faulty irrigation systems or leaking hose bibs

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A French drain and sump pump system is often touted by many homeowners as the only solution to flooding and excess water. They are often part of a well-thought-out WMS, but they can be expensive and only address the symptoms, not the “cause” of your water woes. Many times they inadvertently add more moisture to your home in the form of elevated humidity which can be easily overlooked and can cause just as much damage as flooding


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Grading is an important consideration because this determines the slope or pitch around your home. You must ensure that the grading around your home is pitched away from the foundation. Over time, soils around the foundation shift and settle creating low spots that hold water. A good grade away from your home will ensure that runoff will naturally flow away from your home. If you determine that runoff is coming from a neighboring property, you can catch it with either surface or French drains on the outskirts of your property.

Why Consult an Expert?


Yard drainage systems can be very complex and setting one up can often entail a significant amount of expertise and hard work. At GreenWorks, we understand the importance of proper drainage when it comes to maintaining a beautiful landscape and the health of your home. If you suspect issues with your drainage system, we can be a valuable asset in helping identify the root cause and developing a cost-effective remedy.


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