How to get rid of springtails

How to Get Rid of Springtails in Your Home

By Victor Coppola / November 7, 2023

(Springtails, Moisture, and Mold) When caring for your home, nothing is more aggravating than tiny jumping insects that appear to come out of nowhere. Springtails (order Collembola) are usually the […]

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How to deal with mold after water damage

How to Deal with Mold and Mildew After Water Damage

By Victor Coppola / July 31, 2023

Mold and mildew after water damage is a silent but potent adversary that many homeowners, property managers, and tenants grapple with. The issue can escalate quickly, turning a minor water […]

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How to get rid of musty smell

How Homeowners Can Take Action to Get Rid of Musty Odors and Prevent Mold Growth

By Victor Coppola / February 10, 2023

Mold growth and moisture are common problems in every household. Whether you live in a cold or warm climate, you’re bound to deal with mold growth and humidity. Mold growth […]

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How to tell if your home has poor indoor humidity

How to Tell If Your Home Has Poor Indoor Humidity

By Victor Coppola / October 27, 2021

You’ve probably heard the old saying: “it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.” Indeed, humidity gets a bad rap, and with good reason. While high humidity can put a damper […]

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How to remove humidity from furniture

How to Remove Humidity from Your Furniture and Textiles for Proper Moisture Control

By Adriana Lopez / June 16, 2021

Humidity is the presence of moisture in the air, and it can lead to a myriad of issues in your home. Mold and mildew growth is much more prevalent in […]

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Man applying paint to the surface

To Seal or Not-To-Seal?

By Victor Coppola / October 16, 2020

We get the “Seal or Not-to-Seal” question all the time; even worse, we see it regularly being done improperly. Many folks think that all moldy surfaces need a “good cover-up” […]

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