5 Often Overlooked Water Issues for Home Inspectors

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5 often overlooked water issues - allenwood, nj

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As a home inspector, existing or potential water damage to a house is a huge red flag. You search high and low to make sure that the house is free of any type of moisture damage before signing off on it. While your inspections may be thorough, there are areas of the home that often go overlooked during your process that are prone to water issues. Here are five potential water damage issues to be on the lookout for during your next home inspection:

1. Visible moisture outside that is not obvious:

Be sure to look under decks and along the foundation. Many times there will be a depressed area that holds water which contributes to a wet basement

2. Hidden moisture inside the crawl space:

Be sure to have your moisture meter handy. Even more important, look for slight stains along the base board or along the bottom of an unfinished foundation. Staining indicates water intrusion – no matter how slight.

3. Property drainage pattern:

We always like to see positive drainage on a site (meaning water drains away from the home / off the property). If there is an obvious depression or area that could be holding water (usually between a swimming pool and a house), that will lead to a wet basement.

4. Soil water holding capacity:

When you walk across the grass and you get that familiar “squishy sound,” you may be at maximum soil water holding capacity which will contribute to a wet basement or worse yet “wetlands.”

5. Neighbors hydrology issues:

Even though this is not part of your typical inspection, take a quick look over the fence at the neighbor’s property to see if: the gutters are discharging your way, the patio is pitched your way, or if you are at the bottom of the hill and the neighbor’s property is draining your way.

Still have questions or need help? Give GreenWorks a call so we can help you before it gets to be a big problem – (732) 223-2073.

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