What is an Ecological Balancing System?

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What is an ecological balancing system?

In Short, An Ecological Balancing System Recreates The Healthy, Natural and Balanced Outdoor Ecology Indoors!

Betterair is proud to introduce the world’s first Ecological Balancing 

System utilizing Probiotics to reset and rebalance the indoor microbiome to its healthiest state!

The human body has evolved over millions of years to live, breathe, and thrive, outdoors in an environment that contains a diversity of microbes. Exposing our bodies to this diversity of micro-organisms is critical to the development of the human.

Immune system….our own personal bodyguard!

The key to the development of a healthier immune system is a balanced living environment.

The outdoors contains an overwhelming majority of beneficial bacteria (probiotics) and a minority of negative or pathogenic bacteria. This is ecological balance. But our contact with both is necessary for the fostering of a healthy and robust immune system.

Think of your immune system as a muscle. It needs to be exercised to do its job. Exercise for our immune system by exposing it to the diversity of microbes present in the outdoors. When confronted with pathogens, a healthy immune system overcomes the challenge, which results in a stronger, more robust immune system. The key is challenging the immune system but not to overwhelm it with a toxic load of pathogens. In nature, this rarely happens as the natural cycles of light/dark, hot/cold, wet/dry naturally limit the propagation of all types of bacteria and insure the balance between beneficial and pathogenic organisms.

However, we now spend almost 90% of our time indoors in corrupted environments rife with toxic pathogens that can overwhelm our immune systems, causing disease and even death.

Family affected by allergens

Conventional wisdom is that to protect ourselves, we need to employ disinfectants and sterilizing agents that, by their definition, kill 99.9% of all microorganisms (both pathogenic and beneficial) that are present. Most of these disinfectants are chemical in nature and have all the associated risks with application and residues that are inherent with chemicals. As science progresses, the hazards of exposure to even small amounts of chemicals that are currently considered safe are invariably found to be harmful. Even worse is living in a sterile environment devoid of the very interactions with the diversity of microbes found in nature that comprise a healthy environment.

Employing disinfectants (anti-microbials and anti-bacterials) with their 99.9% kill rate for all micro-organisms present leaves survivors. These survivors are pathogens which tend to be more aggressive in their proliferation, with many having mutated a resistance to the disinfectant that was employed. These organisms are commonly known as a “Super Bugs”.

The disinfectant use (since it kills 99.9% of everything present) results in an environmental wasteland containing the pathogenic survivors and an abundance of food sources that are needed for their propagation. The rule of thumb on bacteria is they double every twenty minutes….so for example, leaving one staph bacteria on a disinfected table multiplies into almost two trillion within twenty-four hours! This is not ecological balance! These large concentrations of pathogens can overwhelm our immune systems.

The question is….How do we create a healthy indoor environment? Conventional methodology, such as disinfection, is not the answer….creating a sterile environment is also not the answer…..So what is the answer?

The answer is: Recreating The Healthy, Natural, and Balanced Outdoor Ecology Indoors!

Betterair resets and rebalances the indoor microbiome to mimic the outdoors, which contains a vast majority of beneficial bacteria (probiotics) and a minority of negative or pathogenic bacteria. Betterair kills nothing but overpopulates the indoors with a diversity of probiotics minimizing (not eliminating) the pathogens whose contact with is necessary for the development of our immune systems. This is all accomplished by harnessing the power of all-natural probiotics!

  • Betterair eliminates inanimate organic allergens (pet dander, pollen, dust mite allergens, cockroach allergens, mold spores), resulting in a Hypo-Allergenic clean zone free of the main triggers of asthmatic and allergic attacks!
  • Betterair eliminates (not masks) organic odors at their source!
  • Betterair is a mold preventative which consumes mold spores before they can germinate into living mold!
  • Betterair reduces air pollutants by reducing the pathogenic load on surfaces and objects! Indoor air pollutants do not breed in the air but come from surfaces and objects!
  • According to the CDC, 80% of all transmittable diseases come from contact with contaminated surfaces. Betterair reduces the concentrations of these pathogens on surfaces and objects, reducing the likelihood of contracting disease.

Work with Nature…..Not Against it!

Betterair room purifier family

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