How Mold Can Affect the Health of Immune Compromised Patients

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How mold can affect the health of immune compromised patients

Mold in the home is never pleasant to deal with, but it can be even more damaging and a much more serious problem for anyone who has a compromised immune system. People with immune system disorders or other chronic conditions can suffer massively if mold becomes an issue in the home. All kinds of complications can occur and it’s never worth taking a risk when it comes to matters relating to your or your family’s health.

That’s why combatting mold quickly and effectively is so vital in your home. That’s the case for all families, but even more so when a member of the family has a weakened immune system. To help you understand more about mold treatment and remediation, we’re going to discuss the affected mold can have on immune-compromised patients, as well as what can be done to deal with mold problems in the home. Find out more below.

What Is Mold?


Mold is a type of fungus and is made up of many small organisms. It produces lightweight spores that can then travel through the air. There are lots of different types of mold and they’re all comprised of different elements and behave in unique ways. Generally speaking, mold grows best in damp conditions in the home. That’s why you’ll find mold growing when you have a damp patch on your wall or if you’re having condensation problems on your windows or other sorts of water damage.

You might not realize it, but living in a mold-free environment is actually not possible. We all get exposed to mold every day, both inside and outdoors. The problem occurs when mold grows on surfaces and releases its spores. This is when the spores are easily inhaled can cause health problems to people, depending on the type of mold and the health of the individual. That’s when it becomes vital to remove the excess mold in the home and make the environment safe again.

The Impact of Mold on People with Compromised Immune Systems

People with compromised immune systems

One of the main things to be aware of is that mold can increase the risk of infectious diseases in people with weakened immune systems. These infections are known as opportunistic infections because they hit people who already have problems with their immune systems but don’t normally have any impact on people who have healthy immune systems. They can impact people with normal immune systems as well, but it’s far less likely for that to happen.

These infections come in many forms and can impact different parts of the body. Most commonly affected are a person’s lungs. When the mold spores get breathed in, they can impact the lungs, and for people with compromised immune systems, infections can start to take hold at that point. The eyes, skin, and various other organs can also be impacted by infections originating from mold as well though. That’s why rapid remediation of the mold is so important.

Mold Removal

Mold removal

Mold removal is the process is removing mold from the walls and wherever it’s found in the home. It can be approached in many different ways, and this might seem like the best way forward if you’re experiencing problems with mold in your home. It makes sense to want to simply get rid of all possible mold so that you don’t have to run the risk of any further health problems arising as a result of the mold issues inside your property.

Any company offering you complete mold removal should be questioned, though. That’s because removing all mold from the home is not as desirable or even possible as it might sound, and if a company is promising things like that, you should ask them to clarify things for you. In truth, the best solution to mold problems in the home is remediation, and you can find out some more about that below.

Mold Remediation

Mold remediation

Mold remediation aims to return the levels of mold in your home to normal levels. There is mold present in all homes and all outdoor spaces, and it’s natural. This is not the type of mold situation that is damaging to anyone’s health. There are all kinds of mold situations you can be faced with, and it’s vital that the remediation process is tailored to the specific needs of the situation at hand. There are various steps that have to be gone through during the remediation process.

First of all, the mold damage will be assessed by a professional before the containment stage of the process can begin. Then there will be air filtration and the removal of materials that are mold-infested. It’s also vital that any affected areas that aren’t completely removed are cleaned properly. Then the restoration stage can begin, which is the final part of the whole process. By the end of all that, the mold problem will be properly remediated.

Air Quality Testing

Air quality

Air quality testing is another issue that has to be dealt with when there’s mold in the home. It’s important that an air quality test is carried out to ensure it hasn’t been impacted in a long-lasting way by the mold issue in the home. Obviously, you want to make sure that the air you’re breathing is clean and healthy, especially if someone in the home has a compromised immune system.

The air quality tests will be carried out by a professional before the results are sent back to you. That’s when you can either rest easy knowing the air is safe and clean or further action be taken if that’s necessary. The professional carrying out tests for you will be happy to discuss that with you before any further action is taken.

If you think you might be dealing with a mold issue in your home, it’s best to take action sooner rather than later. You don’t want to take any risks, especially if someone in the home has a compromised immune system. Don’t hesitate to call GreenWorks if you need help with removing mold or any of the other services mentioned above.

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