Point Sea Offers Vision of Sustainability for Jersey Shore

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At the northern edge of the Barnegat Bay, a mixed-use commercial and residential building is currently undergoing massive renovations and remodeling. The building and surrounding property that sits on Mantoloking Road in Brick will soon be a showcase for leading sustainable and green technologies. The first floor of the building will be a commercial property, the second floor, residential.  Now known as “Point Sea,” it is the mastermind of the area’s premier architect and green builder, Paul Barlo.

GreenWorks Environmental was proud to be part of the wetlands restoration aspect of the project. The wetlands that buffer Barnegat Bay along the southern edge of the property are extremely sensitive and important to the quality of the bay and the surrounding environment. The restoration project increased the total amount of wetlands, improved the wetlands’ long-term viability and enhanced the environment to better reflect its original state. Of course, the wetlands will do their work and filter out pollutants, act as a natural buffer and provide habitat for many indigenous species.

Here are some the green technological highlights being deployed at Point Sea.



Wetlands Restoration – Improves water quality, protects Barnegat Bay and provides a permanent wetlands to a sensitive and critically important buffer area.

Shell Driveway – Driveway is permeable meaning that water can flow through the surface and to the soil below. This improves stormwater quality. No paving on site.

Rainwater Harvesting – Provides a renewable source of water for landscaping, plant beds, flowers. Water bills are also reduces as the need for municipal water for lawns declines.

Solar Panels – Installed on an outdoor trellis, solar panels will provide 10KW of renewable, green energy to the residential property on the second floor.

Wind Turbine – Installed behind the main building, a wind turbine will provide 10KW of renewable, green energy to the commercial property on the first floor.




Point sea from behind. This portion of the building faces barnegat bay.


High-Efficiency Heating, Venting and Air Conditioning – HVAC system improves indoor air quality and reduces energy consumption.

Foamed-In Insulation – Ensures year-round comfort and lowers energy bills.

LED Lighting – Drastically reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Paints and Finishings Made From Non-Volatile Organic Compounds – Improve indoor air quality and health of the entire building….along with all its occupants!

Savant Home Automation System – Keeps all the home’s system continuously performing at their most efficient, saving money and guaranteeing peace of mind.

Bamboo Flooring – Harvested from sustainable sources while being extremely durable and attractive.

Non-Formaldehyde Cabinets – Give off very low toxins compared to cabinets that use formaldehyde.

Sun-Sensing Shades – Provide cool relief in the summer and warm comfort in the winter…automatically.

As you can see, Point Sea is a extremely innovative, environmentally-conscious “super green” project!The Jersey Shore hasn’t seen anything quite like this yet. It’s not only a visionary display of what’s possible, it’s also an inspiration to see how we can better live in balance with our environment.

Stay tuned for further updates as the Point Sea project progresses.

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