Pool Rehab and Transformation

Backyard Rehab

This project is a great example of GreenWorks’ commitment to providing exceptional design & value, working with the environment and materials conservation. The project design was broken into phases to accommodate the Client’s budget and provide economies which, when completed, exceeded our client’s expectations and launched them into being advocates of green.

The 20 year old pool was rehabilitated, grading corrected, natural bluestone coping custom cut and old decking recycled to provide patio base material or re-used. What started out as an eye-sore that the client wanted “filled-in”, became the focal point of the project. In fact, using feng shui principles, a sun-spot area was identified that was also incorporated into the layout to serve as the Client’s landing area for their lounge chairs adding fire-energy to the water landscape.

Pool Collage

Pool Rehab and Transformation

The patio area was designed to accommodate gatherings, entertaining and cooking yet preserve the wild / natural feel provided by mature dogwoods and native landscapes. To accomplish this, pavers with blue stone edge accents were used to tie into the pool area + irregular blue-field stone was used to break up lines posed by excessive paver use and complement the natural feel of the site.

Pool Collage2

Bringing Together the Pool, Patio and Entertaining Areas

The terraced steps from the rear yard to the front were laid out to double as access to raised planting and vegetable bed borders, working with the natural grade and space constraints posed by the mature landscape.

Terrace Steps & Pathway Near Raised Plant & Vegetable Beds

Terrace Steps & Pathway with Raised Plant and Vegetable Beds

Whenever possible, GreenWorks adds value and strives to exceed our client’s expectations. In this case, we were able to restore a hidden rear yard shed area into a garden-prep area complete with potting benches and storage. The decking area was accomplished by re-using found tables where the old 70’s masonry pool bricks were once acid-washed added to the charm of the space.

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