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Indoor air quality

How clean is the air in your home?

Molds, mildew, dangerous gases and household chemicals emit unhealthy fumes and toxins. From todays super energy-efficient homes that are sealed off from the exterior environment to older homes from our built environment, those unhealthy fumes, toxins and what’s known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can collect and grow to quantities inside your home that are unhealthy. That’s called “sick home syndrome.” It’s a health problem that’s on the rise. It’s also fully preventable.

GreenWorks has identified a “Fresh Air” solution for homes that is affordable, effective and sustainable. We’ve recently been working with homeowners in Ocean and Monmouth Counties who have sick homes and sick families due to unhealthy air and environmental conditions within their homes. They each were suffering from excessive moisture in their basements, crawl spaces and downstairs family areas. Over time they came to realize that those conditions were hurting their family’s health and financial situation.

That’s when GreenWorks got the call. We stepped in, identified the cause and recommended corrective actions that included a cost effective ventilation system that expelled the moisture, VOCs and other pollutants. Relative humidity inside the homes was reduced, healthier air was introduced and air quality inside the home rapidly improved. The home’s healthier, the family’s healthier and the home’s appeal to future buyers improved. That’s a GreenWorks solution!

The EPA is a great resource for increasing your level of understanding regarding Indoor Air Quality. Check it out.

Residential real estate deals can get hung up on environmental issues. Next time you hear about an underground tank, water in the basement or some other land use issue that is holding up the purchase or sale of a property – residential or commercial – give GreenWorks a call. We’ll clear the path and get the deal done!


Got Moisture, Odor and Mold Issues?

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Victor Coppola

Victor Coppola is a Building Biologist with decades of diverse environmental experience spanning natural resource management and contaminated sites to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and building hygiene matters. He focuses on the three most prevalent issues degrading today's built environment: Moisture Odor & Mold (M.O.M.). Mr. Coppola and his Team are sought out by individuals and professionals concerned about IAQ to those actually suffering from Biotoxin Illness. His hybrid blend of environmental interests and services enable him to give a unique perspective into today's changing environment. Think your home is killing you, better call Victor and his Team at GreenWorks.
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