Koi Pond Project Overview - An Example Of Green Design And Build

Koi Pond Project Overview – An Example of Green Design and Build

Green Design / Green Building is one of our areas of expertise at GreenWorks. But what does that translate into for homeowners?

Pond AerialWell, for one homeowner it meant the perfect koi pond for their backyard getaway.

We worked closely with the Wall Township homeowner using their ideas and vision as inspiration for a balanced backyard oasis, complete with a peaceful pond stocked with colorful koi fish. GreenWorks seamlessly integrated the pond into the area around the property owner’s raised patio. We added a natural filtration system, aquatic bench for plants and a koi chute for convenient, safe maintenance, among many other improvements.

The effect? A nearly natural pond that the homeowner can easily enjoy as part of their backyard and patio experience. Some koi ponds are located far from the actual outdoor living area, but both koi and their owners do better when they’re in close proximity! Working with the homeowner, we were able to blend the backyard, patio and pond to create a natural, unique environment for both land-based and aquatic species. We even built an observation window for people to watch the koi…or are the koi watching the people? Regardless, we installed the useful and fun window in a tiki-style hut which houses the natural filtration system for the 10,000 gallon pond.

Learn more about this visionary project and take a closer look at the GreenWorks by reviewing the koi pond project overview (pdf).

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