Cause Of Your Seasonal Allergy

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What is it about Allergy Season that gets everyone so worked up? Oh, you can’t breathe! Well, we can relate to that. In fact, we have allergies too so this is coming from our practical/hands-on approach to managing our own allergies. And the fact that we are also “Allergy Poets” should ease your mind that our take on allergy season involves a degree of “grin and bear it.”

Allergy poem

A playful poetic rendition of how your allergy might be caused by something more than a plant or weed. Indeed our home environment is often the culprit in degrading the quality of our air.


What Is It About Allergies?

Allergies are a problem for many where the root cause of their allergy is often a combination of external and internal “environmental stressors” found in and around our homes. We all are familiar with the springtime “Tree and Shrub” and the summer “Grass and Weed” allergies. But many times it’s more than a seasonal vegetation driven allergy.

So You Have a Winter Allergy

GreenWorks has found that what most folks are calling a “seasonal (or winter) allergy” is, in fact, a combination of chemical compounds, biological organisms and organic residues that reside hidden deep within their homes that are getting mixed up and periodically flushed out into our homes. This “cocktail effect” affects everyone differently and while the effects on our health might appear to be a “simple allergy,” identifying the root cause is something much deeper and more complicated than one might think.

Your Allergy Weather Pattern

Ever wonder why certain odors and allergies in your home come and go? Why during certain times we have that odorous “funk” and yet other times it seems fine. Well, pay attention to the weather and season outside. Our homes are under constant assault by “vapor pressure” into and out of our homes. This, in turn, drives certain smells, bacteria, and molds that thrive on the ambient elevated humidity that is coming into or going-out-of our homes.  A good example is when our air conditioning ducts “sweat” during the summer. Outside warm humid air is making its way into our home and creating a “dew point effect”. It usually only happens in late summer here in New Jersey, then it’s gone. But fix this air intrusion issue and we bet that you will be lessening your allergy symptoms as well.

How Do You Describe Your Allergy?

GreenWorks takes this matter seriously (but not too seriously) and here our lead Air Quality Investigator Mr. Gary Szymanski makes a playful “Ode to the Allergy”. If you find yourself “making up ways” to describe your own allergy, you might want to give us a call. We can help alleviate your allergy (sometimes) with a simple air purifier of (if the matter is more serious) talk about how we do a more detailed investigation. Until then, we hope you enjoy our poem.

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