Mycotoxins – Urine & Blood Testing

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While many people can feel ill when exposed to molds (sinus issues, congestion, respiratory, sore throat, etc.), for some, the issue is much more severe. For folks with mold sensitivities or a genetic predisposition towards biotoxins, being tested for exposure to mycotoxins (toxic secondary metabolites of certain molds) can help you better understand how these organisms are affecting your body. Knowledge and a better understanding of how your body works is the first step in developing a comprehensive healing strategy.

Testing / Working With a Lab & Your Physician

There are a variety of tests that help you identify your mycotoxin body burden.

  • Urine Panel: This tests for the presence of some of the more common mycotoxins that make folks sick: Ochratoxin A, Aflatoxin Group, Macrocyclic Trichothecenes, and Gliotoxin
  • Blood Test via IgE / IgG: A modified RAST (radioallergosorbent) test is used to detect specific IgE antibodies (body-wide allergenic substances) versus a skin allergy or “Prick test”. You can read up on the Blood vs. Skin Test here.

RealTime Labs is a CAP (College of American Pathology) and CLIA-accredited lab that performs this testing on humans. RealTime has a list of physicians you can review if you don’t have a good mold doctor. Or your physician’s office can call (972) 492-0419 to register with the lab and complete their Provider Information Request (PIR) form.

Getting Tested for Mycotoxins

The test kits are most often ordered by your Doctor and sent to the patient’s homes. While you can order the urine test kit yourself and complete it at home, you will need a nurse (either at your physician’s office or a testing lab) to draw blood and spin down the samples with a centrifuge. Inside your test kit are a lab requisition, payment authorization form, a specimen tube, and a pre-paid mailing envelope with instructions on how to ship your sample. It’s not as complicated as it sounds.

Does Insurance Cover These Tests?

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RealTime Labs is an Authorized Medicare Provider and is an Authorized, Non-Network Provider with Tricare. They are considered an Out-Of-Network provider with all other insurance companies, including all Medicare Advantage plans. Payment is required in advance for the testing. However, RealTime Lab can assist with submission to your insurance company for reimbursement if requested.

The Test Results & Controversy

Once you have the results, you can cross-reference them with other environmental tests you have done and back into the organisms that are producing those mycotoxins. Many times they are hidden in your home, but other sources need to be considered. Cross-contamination of your body by diet or a previous historic exposure is a real possibility, or your body might be colonized by these toxic molds from some other source. There is more to all this than just the Remediation of molds in your home, as remediation alone often does not give you the desired health improvements.

Have Questions?

You can always reach out to us via our GreenWorks Contact Us Portal with a description of your unique situation. We can usually shed some light on this complicated subject and help get you on a path to recovery.



Published on: Aug 11, 2020

Updated: Jun 29, 2022


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